Tracking Climate Finance

The Climate Finance team has developed methodologies to track climate finance initiatives within the UNFCCC process, such as Fast Start Finance (2010-2012) and Long-term climate finance (2012-2020). We also analyse available data to identify climate finance flows directed to our stakeholders and we assess current gaps and options for enhancing the current reporting tools and methodologies for climate finance under the UNFCCC, including in the context of the relevant work of the Standing Committee on Finance.


Produced in collaboration with the African Climate Finance Hub, the report says deep global emissions reductions are the best way to head off Africa’s crippling adaptation costs. It also finds that the continent’s domestic resources are insufficient to respond to projected impacts, but would be important to complement international funding for African countries – including meeting the Cancun climate finance commitments by 2020. The report also explores the extent to which African nations can contribute to closing the adaptation gap – especially in the area of identifying the resources that will be needed.