Dr Edmond Lankouandé

Economist - Burkina Faso


Dr Edmond Lankouandé

Edmond has worked at Climate Analytics since August 2020 as an economist and is based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. He is conducting cost-benefit analyses for Burkina Faso’s energy sector priority actions/options in their new NDC. Edmond’s main responsibilities and activities are (i) researching, collecting and analysing economic data in the energy sector, (ii) developing relevant statistical and econometric methodologies in the context of the NDC revision, (iii) calculating the costs and benefits of the adaptation and mitigation options, targets, and measures to be included in the new NDC, (iv) providing recommendations that will guide the implementation of the actions of the new NDC.

Edmond holds a PhD degree in economics from University Thomas SANKARA (Ex Ouaga II) and has two master’s degrees: sustainable agricultural development from University Paris XI and applied economics from University Thomas SANKARA (Ex Ouaga II).

With 8 years of proven experience in the design, implementation, research and monitoring, and evaluation of projects and programs, Edmond has worked with public administration, NGOs and a think tank in areas related to climate change, energy, gender, sanitation, food and nutritional security and violent extremism among others. Before joining Climate Analytics, he worked at the Ministry of Energy of Burkina Faso as an economist focusing on climate change and economic planning and analyses.