Dr Carl-Friedrich Schleussner

Head of Climate Science and Impacts


+49 (0)30 259 22 95-34

Dr Carl-Friedrich Schleussner

Carl is Head of Climate Science and Impacts and a Scientific Advisor to Climate Analytics. He has longstanding expertise in climate modelling and climate impact science, multi-year experience in providing scientific advice at the climate-policy interface including targeted scientific support to SIDS and LDCs in the UNFCCC process.

A climate physicist by training, Carl has received a PhD with distinction at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and his publication record spans a wide range from climate extreme and climate impact projections including water availability and food production to tipping elements and societal implications of climate change. In particular, Carl has focused on science related to 1.5°C degree warming and regional climate impact projections. He is a co-author of the second and third Turn Down the Heat report for the World Bank and author of a series of peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Carl is member of the steering committee of the initiative Half a degree Additional warming, Prognosis and Projected Impacts (HAPPI) and coordinates the BMBF consortium project HAPPI-DE.

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