Our team

Bill Hare, D.Sc.(hon. causa) (Murdoch)
Dr Michiel Schaeffer
Henrike Doebert

Climate Science and Impacts
Dr Carl-Friedrich Schleussner
Dr Tabea Lissner
Rand Abu Ajamia
Marina Andrijevic
Dr Djibril Dayamba
Michael Hegarty
Chelsea Jones
Dr Quentin Lejeune
Nicole van Maanen
Dr Rosanne Martyr-Koller
Inga Menke
Shruti Nath
Dr Alexander Nauels
Peter Pfleiderer
Charlotte Plinke
Patrick Pringle
Theresa Rauch
Dr Fahad Saeed
Jessie Schleypen
Olivia Serdeczny
Emily Theokritoff
Thessa Beck
Dr Katharina Lehmann-Uschner
Dr Adelle Thomas
Susanne Baur
Jean-David Coulibaly
Kaylin Lee
Tessa Möller
Burcu Yesil
Reinhard Mechler

Climate Diplomacy
Damon Jones
Manjeet Dhakal
Rueanna Haynes
Kristin Qui
Leon Charles
Jabal Hassanali
Rodrigo Narvaez Rojas
Mahlet Eyassu Melkie
Anne-Sophie Mignon

Implementation Strategies
New York
Laetitia De Marez
Frances Fuller
Paolo Cozzi
Shweta Movalia
Nikita Patel
Rachel Pham
Eriko Shrestha
Apurva Kothari
Raghuveer Vyas
Kouassigan Tovivo
Koffi Koumassi
Benjamin Komna Djabare
Corinne Kowalski
Dr Jan Sindt
Dr Edmond Lankouandé
Sneha Pandey

Climate Policy Analysis
Deborah Ramalope
Dr Matthew Gidden
Dr Andrzej Ancygier
Dr Tina Aboumahboub
Marie-Camille Attard
Dr Kim Coetzee
Claire Fyson
Gaurav Ganti
Dr Andreas Geiges
Rongxi Guo
Hans Reckhaus
Carley Reynolds
Fabio Sferra
Claire Stockwell
Ryan Wilson
Lara Welder
Dr Jonas Hörsch
Himalaya Bir Shrestha
Dr Anne Zimmer
Prapti Maharjan
Apolline Foucher
Jae Kim
Emmanuel Adeleke
Dr Robert Brecha
Dr Ursula Fuentes Hutfilter
Anna Chapman
Paul Donovan

Project Development and Communications
Lorraine Brindel-Schild
Christina Eisenberg
Ela Smith
Marc Hall
Sarah Heck
Benedikta Heldman
Lourdes Castellote

Global Administration and Support
Claudia Neumann
Irene Thiede
Amandine Berger
Maiju Mikkonen
Anne Herzig
Paul Link
Roxana Raska
René Rott
Mavis Mainu
Luka Vasilj
Flavien Kwadjo Ezobafuno Vidja
Holali Ametepe
Amen Eklou-Takpani

Climate Analytics: a multidisciplinary and culturally diverse team composed of experts in climate science and impacts, including authors of the IPCC, experts in climate finance, adaptation, climate negotiation, mitigation policies and climate policy analysis. We provide state-of-the-art solutions to global and national climate change policy challenges.

For many years our team members have been firmly embedded in the global climate science, impacts and policy research community, and have been actively engaged with the climate change negotiations. In addition to our expert knowledge, we have a deep understanding of the negotiations and are able to call on an extensive network of experts in the field of climate change.


Climate Science and Impacts

Our Science Team conducts cross-cutting research which analyses impacts and risks in order to understand the full implications of climate change, as well as to help develop pathways and scenarios to limit the increase in global temperatures to 1.5°C. The team also contributes to major reports on climate change and sustainable development, always aiming to make the latest climate science easily accessible by presenting the highly complex findings in a way that is comprehensible to stakeholders in the international climate arena.

Climate Diplomacy

Our Climate Diplomacy Team works with ministers and negotiators from SIDS and LDCs in international climate negotiations, related international processes and regional meetings. Its support over several years to these vulnerable country groups helped to ensure the Paris Agreement reflects their key priorities, including the 1.5°C temperature goal. The team provides strategic, technical and real-time negotiation support in the international climate negotiations under the UNFCCC and other international climate fora, including the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Implementation Strategies

Our Implementation Strategies Team has a wide range of experience in facilitating the turning of climate strategies and targets into actions at national and regional levels. It focuses on enhancing developing countries’ ownership in implementing climate action with tailored tools and training to build institutional and technical capacity in governments and of key stakeholders. The team also supports countries in the process of translating their mitigation pledges and adaptation plans into robust project concepts and investment plans.

Climate Policy Analysis

The Policy Team assesses the effectiveness of international strategies and national climate policies, including low-carbon development plans, in meeting global climate goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst achieving sustainable development goals. One important aspect of this work is the Climate Action Tracker (CAT), an independent scientific analysis lead in cooperation with three other research institutes. The analyses are made publicly available, thereby increasing transparency and encouraging countries to make pledges or increase their level of national action.

Project Development and Communications

Our development team works with our scientists and analysts to seek out opportunities to apply our expertise to projects that further our vision to support science-based climate and development policymaking. Our communications staff ensures that our research results and publications reach wide audiences through data visualisation, extensive media networks and outreach activities.

Administration and Support

Our Global Administration and Support Team ensures the smooth management of our offices and provides support to all other teams at Climate Analytics. The expertise of the team covers management, human resources, finance and logistics.